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Hurricane Michael After Action Report / State ARRL NFL ARES

State ARRL ARES After Action Report


John Greiner

ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC Jan., 2019

Hello to All,

It is important to create an account in the new ARRL "ARES Connect" online registry. You may have filed a form FSD-98 with ARRL in the past in order to register with the ARES program. The new system is to be fully functional this month, If you wish to continue to participate in ARES please register online.


Our group is "Gilchrist County FL ARES". Online registry is required to participate in ARES from this point on.

Once the administration sets my EC status I will be able to access calendar events to post meetings and nets.

There will be a webinar for users set up soon. I will post further information on the Dixie Amateur Radio Klub blog page when avail.


2019 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference is being held in Gainesville Feb 2 and 3 please look over the classes and topics of discussion and register as soon as you can. There are some great hands on builds and various topics avail. thru the 2 day event.


December rainfall recorded amount of 12.93 inches. Rivers crested and are slowly heading down. Most boat landings are flooded or closed, no wake zones all along the affected area. 

Also remember the folks trying to recover in the FL panhandle area after Hurricane Michael

73's to all    Happy new year !

John Greiner

ARES Info from Gilchrist EC/ ARES Connect and Hurricane After Action Report

     I want to thank all that helped during Hurricane Michael.

Our Gilchrist After action report was published in the ARRL NFL ARES Newsletter for November and is 2 pages.


The Alachua report by author Dr Gibby is 57 pages and found on their ARES site and may take a while to load.


I spent a few days in the panhandle helping to rebuild some structures for a friend. Camping out for 4 days in a tent and working with mostly light hand tools, we were able to begin cleanup and restore some of the structures on his property.

There is much rubble, tree, and brush along the side of the road all across the area. Millions of trees were down and the place loaded with many a blue FEMA tarped roof ( where a roof was still there). Brick walls crumbled and lay in piles.

Only 87 octane gas is delivered in the area ( not sure about diesel). Please keep these folks in your thoughts as many will take years to recover and some never recover from this storm.

John Greiner  Gilchrist ARES EC  Kj4YPZ@yahoo.com

ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC

     For health and welfare / other related info Hurricane recovery


Info about local efforts ( including Gilchrist Co ARES group)


Volunteers still needed to help with communications in panhandle

If you feel qualified and able to deploy e mail me

They now have internet application site to begin application process.

John - KJ4YPZ

North Florida Emergency Net moved to 7.251 LSB

North Florida Emergency Net moved to 7.251 LSB

John - KJ4YPZ

ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC /Update Hurricane Michael

11am ADV #16

Hurricane Michael Cat 4 Storm with 145 mph sustained winds

29.4 N  86.0 W    60 mi S of Panama City

Traveling 15 degrees (NNE) at 14 mph  pressure 928 mb

Local conditions

Hurricane Warning remains for coastal Taylor and Dixie Counties

Tropical Storm Warnings for inland Taylor, Dixie, Levy, Lafayette

Tropical Storm Watches Columbia, Suwannee, Gilchrist Co.

Storm Surge  expected 6-8 feet Cedar Key and nearby coastal areas

There may be tornado development in feeder bands and thunderstorms that come through

Gilchrist EOC level 2 activation special needs shelter Bell High Sch

NFSEC ARRL Emergency Net at level 1 activation at 9:15 this morning on 3.950

Hurricane Watch Net active at 8:30 Wed am and run 'til storm passes

14.325 MHz USB (day)  7.268 MHz LSB (nite)

2 meter storm nets tonight 

Alachua Co 146.820 at 8pm

Gilchrist Co 147.285 at 8:30pm

next 2 meter briefing at 2:30pm on 147.285

several operators are monitoring this repeater

I am handling traffic for Gilchrist EOC (NF4EC)

If you have an emergency first try 911

John -KJ4YPZ

ARES Info. - from Gilchrist EC -Hurricane Michael

     Cat 1 hurricane expected to be Cat 2 or 3 by landfall early Wednesday afternoon. Panama City landfall expected.

Coastal Taylor and Dixie Hurricane Warnings. Tropical storm watch Columbia, Suwannee, Gilchrist.

Gilchrist EOC to go to level 2 activation today.

Hurricane Watch Net to go active at 5 pm today - 14.325 MHz  USB ( Day )  7.268 LSB ( nite )

     NFSEC ARRL at level 3 activation may go to level 2 for partial activation. Daily nets 146.820 Alachua 8pm, 147.285 Gilchrist 8:30 pm 

John - KJ4YPZ


ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC TS Michael

    TS Michael due to become cat 1 or 2 hurricane before landfall in Tallahassee/Big Bend area.  Take necessary precautions ! Winds and rain likely to be Wednesday morning thru Wed evening in our area.

     Nightly storm net 8:30 pm each nite begins Mon nite Bell repeater 147.285. 8:30  allows me to include NHC 8pm info. Also monitor Alachua 146.820 for their storm net at 8pm nitely.

    Contact me at KJ4YPZ@yahoo.com , If power goes out I will get internet and radios up with solar after storm passes


John - KJ4YPZ

Equipment listed by me

     Just wanted to mention that any equipment that is listed by me is also up for trade.  If you want something and have something to trade let me know.

Mike - KB4MS

ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC

     I forgot to mention I attended the meeting of Alachua ARES on the 12th. What a fast paced informative, instructional meeting! I recommend that, if you can, try to attend sometime. 

Check their web site found on our DARK home page. 

From my house in Bell it takes exactly 1 hour to drive there.

     Also, they would like to include us in the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test Oct 13. I will be out of town then, you could participate from home on HF or 2 meter voice,or digital.

Contact me for details KJ4YPZ@yahoo.com

John - KJ4YPZ