ARES Info from Gilchrist EC/ ARES Connect and Hurricane After Action Report

     I want to thank all that helped during Hurricane Michael.

Our Gilchrist After action report was published in the ARRL NFL ARES Newsletter for November and is 2 pages.

The Alachua report by author Dr Gibby is 57 pages and found on their ARES site and may take a while to load.

I spent a few days in the panhandle helping to rebuild some structures for a friend. Camping out for 4 days in a tent and working with mostly light hand tools, we were able to begin cleanup and restore some of the structures on his property.

There is much rubble, tree, and brush along the side of the road all across the area. Millions of trees were down and the place loaded with many a blue FEMA tarped roof ( where a roof was still there). Brick walls crumbled and lay in piles.

Only 87 octane gas is delivered in the area ( not sure about diesel). Please keep these folks in your thoughts as many will take years to recover and some never recover from this storm.

John Greiner  Gilchrist ARES EC