ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC Jan., 2019

Hello to All,

It is important to create an account in the new ARRL "ARES Connect" online registry. You may have filed a form FSD-98 with ARRL in the past in order to register with the ARES program. The new system is to be fully functional this month, If you wish to continue to participate in ARES please register online.

Our group is "Gilchrist County FL ARES". Online registry is required to participate in ARES from this point on.

Once the administration sets my EC status I will be able to access calendar events to post meetings and nets.

There will be a webinar for users set up soon. I will post further information on the Dixie Amateur Radio Klub blog page when avail.

2019 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference is being held in Gainesville Feb 2 and 3 please look over the classes and topics of discussion and register as soon as you can. There are some great hands on builds and various topics avail. thru the 2 day event.

December rainfall recorded amount of 12.93 inches. Rivers crested and are slowly heading down. Most boat landings are flooded or closed, no wake zones all along the affected area. 

Also remember the folks trying to recover in the FL panhandle area after Hurricane Michael

73's to all    Happy new year !

John Greiner