Traders Net

Hi everyone,

We had a great meeting last night at the church and welcomed two new members Faye and Hal to the group.  Also Mike Shaffer is going to start a traders net each Wednesday at 7pm.  Bring your stuff and give Mike a call on Wednesday.  Remember we have a for sale listing on our web site, submit your items there and mike will refer to them during the net. Lets make this a success and check in.

The 440 repeater is up and working pretty well.  We have coverage all the way into High Springs and Trenton, that is as far as I have gone around testing it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. We owe a huge thanks to Doug Baker of Baker Communications in Lake City for his above and beyond help in restoring the antenna to the transmission line.  Doug has been a faithful helper to the ham community.  Over 35 years ago Doug gave us tower space in Old Town for the 700 repeater.  He have never charged us anything at any time for his Help. Doug is a great friend to the ham community.

Hope you have a great month and we look forward to getting again at the next meeting.


Mike, KB4MS