November Meeting

   My friends the November meeting will probably be the most important meeting we have had.  We will be making the decision as to whether to desolve or continue.  We will not be solvent in the very near future.  To stop the bleeding, I have made the decision to terminate the liability insurance as we have not had an event in the past three years. 

We are on the cusp and I have started the move to inventory all equipment so that it can be listed for sale (sealed bid) to members.  A new roster has been posted using the receipt book.  I went back to January 2018 to make sure that I didn’t miss anyone.  If you are not on the roster please bring your receipt or membership card and I’ll correct the roster. Our bylaws state that all assets of the club shall be sold and the funds divided among current members.  If the members are not interested in the assets, they shall be listed for sale else where.

If the decision is made to desolve the club and elect to keep the repeaters on the air rather than selling the equipment, I’ll will keep them up as log as I am able to.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Sherrill, President D.A.R.K.