Three new nets in our area.

1. The Gilchrist County ARES net is adding a second weekly session on the Chiefland repeater (147.390, 123Hz CTCS) at 7:15 PM every Thursday. The purpose of the net is to enhance ARES coverage and participation in the southern part of the county. The current ARES net will continue to be called on the Bell repeater (147.285, 123Hz CTCS) at 7:30 PM as always.

2. The High Springs Radio Rangers have established a two meter simplex net that meets every Tuesday on 146.520 at 8:15 PM. Several members now have beams in service and more are on the way so coverage is expanding rapidly and members are becoming proficient in weak signal and relay work. Dust off your old two meter beam and point it at WA4HHC or pull a J-pole or Slim Jim up to the highest branch you can and as far from the tree trunk as you can and join the fun.

3. The High Springs Radio Rangers have established a six meter SSB net that meets on 50.135 at approximately 8:30 PM every Tuesday immediately following the two meter simplex net. Folks have checked in using beams, squalos, and even HF dipoles. Just about any horizontally polarized antenna will do. Coverage is much better than two simplex, so even if you can't make the two meter simplex net you can probably make this one.

Info recieved from WA4QLA