Trader Net

   Wednesday March 22 at 7PM was the first Traders Net held on the 147.390 repeater. We got off to a shakey start as only myself made a listing. However after the net was closed I received several calls. One was from a ham that I believe was in Cedar Key claiming my audio was almost too low to hear. Unfortunately I was unable to get back to him. Then Bob k8rag came on, he said he had nearly forgotten about the net. We both then made contact with Corey kn4bb from Old Town, he indicated he was a nearly new ham so Bob and I greeted him and welcomed him to the hobby. Somewhere in all that I heard a w4 call and when we finished with Corey, I attempted to call him back but was unsucessful. I thought I recognized the voice as being Richard w4sda, so Richard, if that was you I apologize and hope we can chat soon.

Hopefully next week we will see better results.

Thank You all!!!!

Mike, KD4INH