Traders Net 5/06/17

Sorry I missed posting here for the April 26 traders net. Sometimes the days fly by faster than I realize. That week went fairly well with Mike kb4ms listing several items and John kj4ypz joining in with a few impromptu wants. That makes me feel as though I may be doing something right and needed.
The net on 5/3/17 didn't quite keep up with expectations, Mike kb4ms attempted to make contact however band conditions were not as good as the previous week as I barely caught his callsign but that was about all I could hear. His signal wouldn't even hold the repeater so he couldn't make any listings. I did read through the listings on the club website and he had put much of what he had listed the previous week so he did get at least some coverage. I will try again next week and maybe things will improve. Thanks to all who participate and keep trying.

Mike, KD4INH