Weather Alert sites, from ARES EC Gilchrist Co. for ARES and CERT Volunteers

Hello All,

To get automatic weather alerts sent to your e mail or by text alert to your phone. A straight search shows many sites that will send out weather alerts.

The NWS lists many sites as well.

WA4QLA Hal was able to sign up directly with NWS for priority alerts (that site not for general public, but emergency managers and the like). He sends alerts to me and I e mail out to the group.

I found a way to type a text message on my laptop and send out as text to cell recipients. This would be a way to contact you with an alert that is fast moving threat such as tornado event. I would need your cell phone # to accomplish this type alert. After an initial text test message, any further texts you receive will be a real alert prompted by an emergency event.